Christmas with International Community

//Christmas with International Community

FACES Pakistan organized a Christmas dinner on 15th December 2016 in the honor of ambassadors of European Union and senior diplomats in Islamabad. The event was hosted by Provincial Minister for Minorities Affairs and Human Rights, Hon. Mr. Khalil Tahir Sandhu, Government of Punjab. At the dinner, he said that the state should take some concrete measures to protect the social and constitutional rights of religious minorities in Pakistan. Mr. Sandhu claimed that severe legal actions are being taken against the people and organizations that are against peace and interfaith harmony in the country and the region. He acknowledged that Pakistan is trying its best to protect the rights of ethnic and religious minorities as well as dealing with basic human rights of women, children, disabled persons and transgender. He further mentioned that the provincial government has prohibited the use of loudspeaker for any hate speech or distribution of such material and is providing scholarships to the students from religious minorities. Representing Ambassadors of European Union, Jean Francois commended the efforts of the Punjab Government and endorsed its efforts of complying with the conventions of human rights especially for the rights of religious minorities in the province.

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