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Peace & Harmony Network in Pakistan (PHNP)

Peace and Harmony Network has been setup by FACES Pakistan in 2011 with the endorsement of Akram Gill, the National Harmony Minister. Now the project has been taken up by the Provincial Minister for Human Rights and Minorities Affairs, Government of Punjab, Mr. Khalil Tahir Sandhu. The purpose of the network is to bring together religious leaders from different faiths and provide them with a platform to discuss different issues. The core message of the network is coexisting in harmony with each other with the ability to understand that all religions teach peace and tolerance. At the moment the network consists of representatives of Hindu, Christian, Sikh and Baha’I religions.

The project aims at bringing inter faith peace and harmony amongst different faiths within the Muslim community as well as outside it, to harmonize their living and co-existence. The approach used in this project is holistic, participative, consensual and national with cascading effect to the grass root level in districts etc. It recognizes the importance of support of the like-minded organizations, media and youth as catalyst for peace.

It has been developed on the theme of mutual respect, tolerance and finding common grounds to work upon. This is an effort to take the communities away from conflict and towards conflict resolution and positive peace. 

SANJHA Pakistan – Coalition for Equal Citizenship

Minorities in Pakistan have played a vital role in the development of Pakistan. Many minorities based organizations like Caritas Pakistan, Church World Service, Catholic Relief Services etc. have been serving Pakistan from many decades. Unfortunately, minorities have been largely ignored within the political mainstream in the country. Hence, FACES Pakistan decided to develop SANJHA Pakistan, an independent coalition of civil society organizations dedicated towards working for Equal Citizenship for religious minorities in Pakistan. SANJHA Pakistan serves as a platform for religious minorities in Pakistan to share the issues, grievances and highlight the socio-political challenges faced by them while also serving as a forum to raise collective voices for their rights.

To achieve this mission, SANJHA Pakistan is building the capacity of its member organizations, civil society organizations and public to engage with legislators, political leadership, and religious heads, private and public institutions. It also plans to develop position papers, systems, programmes and mechanisms for protection of religious minorities and victims of religious-based violence and trained local human rights defenders belongs to religious minorities in terms of their responsiveness to address human rights violations. Moreover, SANJHA Pakistan is advocating for the rights and protections of the religious minorities with all key stakeholders at all levels and engage with media for roader dissemination of the concept of equal citizenship. The Coalition has 19 members from four provinces of Pakistan.

Members of SANJHA Pakistan

  1. FACES Pakistan
  2. Ecumenical Commission for Human Development
  3. Beam of Hope
  4. United Social Welfare Society
  5. Mishal Ministry
  6. DIGNITY First
  8. Pakistan Catholic Women Organization
  9. ABBA Home
  10. National Catholic Commission for Interfaith Dialogue and Ecumenism
  11. Youth Health and Education Care
  12. AIKA Foundation
  13. Hope Community Organization
  14. SHAAD Organization
  15. Flame of Hope for Women & Children
  16. Diakonia Foundation
  17. Foundation for Equal Rights – Pakistan
  18. Nai Zindigai Welfare Foundation
  19. Social Action Transformation of Humanity – SATH Pakistan