Pakistan currently hosts more than 1.5 million registered Afghan refugees – still the second largest refugee hosting country in the world. Considering the plight of Afghan Refugee families, FACES Pakistan took the initiative of providing education to the refugee children and in 2009 laid the foundation of “Peace Schools for Afghan Children”. This initiative of provision of education to the marginalized and vulnerable refugee children not only enabled them to rebuild their lives but also proved fruitful once they returned to the country of their origin. We are providing education up to primary level to children of Afghan refugees and host communities since 2009. Our four Peace School in Lahore, Sialkot and Gujrat are providing free education to 1050 such deserving children. Moreover, FACES Pakistan since the very inception of this intervention placed significant emphasis on peace education so that the values of peace, harmony and tolerance could be inculcated in these children. As education can help to achieve better employment opportunities, our adult literacy programme for afghan refugees and host communities has provided education to more than 600 beneficiaries.

On-going Project(s):

Peace Schools for Afghan Refugees & Host Communities