Peace Building & Conflict Resolution

Efforts of FACES Pakistan for interfaith harmony are always appreciated by our friends and supporters. Our recent project “Preserving Equal Citizenship in Pakistan” aims to establish religious minorities as equal citizens by promoting religious tolerance and interfaith harmony among religious leaders, media persons and 12,500 youth. The project contributes to the implementation of the Supreme Court’s decision of 19th June, 2014 on the rights of non-Muslim citizens and thus involves provincial and national government departments.

Through ‘Social Action for Conflict Resolution and Radicalization through Religious Institutions’, we trained and mobilized 480,000 local youth from 36 districts to promote peace and harmony and to integrate value education in curriculum of 2200 religious institutions. Moreover, under the project ‘Peace Networking Campaign’ we have mapped 7871 religious like-minded institutions in Pakistan. A major milestone includes signing of ‘Charter of Peace’ by our members of Peace and Harmony Network (PHNP), which was also endorsed by the Former Governor of the Punjab, Chauhdry Muhammad Sarwar. SANJHA Pakistan – A Coalition for Equal Citizenship of 19 organizations from four provinces was also established by FACES Pakistan in 2015 to provide a platform for religious minorities to share, engage and advocate for their rights.

On-going Project(s):

Preserving Equal Citizenship in Pakistan

Neighbour for Peace

Peace Networks-PHNP & SANJHA Pakistan – Coalition for Equal Citizenship

Engaging Pakistani Interfaith Communities (EPIC)

Closed Projects:

Building Bridges over Religious and Cultural Divides (2009-2012)

Peace Networking Campaign (2011-2012)

Active Citizen Youth (2011-2013)

Social Action for Conflict Resolution and Radicalization through Religious Institutions in 36 Districts of Punjab (2013-2015)