FACES Pakistan believes that volunteerism has power to bring social change in society. In collaboration with youth from United Nations Volunteers (UNV), Ministry of Human Rights and Minority Affairs (Government of Punjab) and Aika Foundation, we organized Street Theatres in Lahore, Sahiwal and Multan. The objective of this activity was to create awareness in youth on rights and responsibilities of the local community, volunteerism and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Other than creating opportunities for volunteerism in society, FACES Pakistan has been in consultations with United Nations Volunteers (UNV) for developing a Provincial Volunteer Policy to strengthen volunteerism activities related to peace and development process especially Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Punjab.

On-going Project(s):

Raddi to Rehabilitation

Neighbour for Peace

Closed Projects:

Building Bridges over Religious and Cultural Divides (2009-2012)

Active Citizen Youth (2011-2013)

Engaging VIOs at National Level in Post-2015 Discussions (2015)