Youth Leadership & Capability Enhancement

//Youth Leadership & Capability Enhancement

FACES Pakistan has worked with 350 youth from different universities of Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Afghanistan on promoting peace and conflict resolution in the region. This venture developed into another project ‘Neighbour for Peace’ which is developing their human resource capacities and mobilized them as peace ambassadors in the region. Through Active Citizen Youth project, FACES Pakistan has now developed a volunteer network of 5000 young people. We conducted capacity building trainings and Training of Trainers to encourage these young citizens to participate in social uplift through various activities and workshops. The trained youth initiated different Social Action Projects on their own for various social issues.  We have also developed opportunities of social enterprise development for youth of Muzafargarh. To enhance the knowledge and leadership capacities of youth, FACES Pakistan has trained 500,000 youth through Peace Networking Campaigns and Social Awareness and Leadership Trainings (SALT). We also regularly organize events to celebrate international days with youth.

On-going Project(s):

Raddi to Rehabilitation

Neighbour for Peace

Engaging Pakistani Interfaith Communities (EPIC)

Closed Projects:

Building Bridges over Religious and Cultural Divides (2009-2012)

Peace Networking Campaign (2011-2012)

Active Citizen Youth (2011-2013)

Social Action for Conflict Resolution and Radicalization through Religious Institutions in 36 Districts of Punjab (2013-2015)